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TREE 7 — www.tree7.cc


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Tree7 Inc. is one of the largest tree processing companies, delivering the wood from Finland to Europe. We have been servicing our clients since 1997 and we are expanding our market share to this day. Our exclusive location brings us an opportunity to work with clients anywhere from the coast of the Norwegian Sea to the shores of Western Europe. We offer a wide variety of hawser products and tree-lifting gear including clothing, footwear, tools and accessories, tailor made hoses, ADS plastic, landscape and road surface among many other products. All our products are available at very competitive prices and tested by our durability registrars. We always strive to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients while exceeding their expectations and gaining trust. This is achieved through our high-grade customer service as well as low cost and outstanding quality of our production. From carefully grown solid northern coniferous timber we produce quality product for our clients from more than 40 countries. Around 50% of our production is spruce, while the remaining half is pine.

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