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MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY — www.megapawnshop.com


Mega Pawnshop PTY — megapawnshop.com

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Megapawnshop is a leading financial institution which has been providing lending services since 2012. Following current trends, we have become one of the first companies to offer loans against crypto currency. Long-term experience of our employees, transparent work, and focus on results allow us to steadily hold a leading position among our competitors. Our clients can receive any amount in US dollars preserving their digital assets. This type of loan is particularly useful if you urgently need funds. We appreciate our clients‘ time and realize that solving financial problems often cannot wait. That‘s why we work 24/7 and strive to minimize the time it takes to consider each request. Funds will be transferred to your balance as quickly as possible. Megapawnshop grants loans of up to 70% of the amount of crypto currency transferred to the account of our company. We do not require any documents and certificates, which allows you to get a loan in a very short time, bypassing red tape. A fast, comfortable, and reliable way of lending, it‘s the optimal solution of the XXI century. You can redeem bitcoin at any convenient time by returning the loan amount. In this way, we provide our clients with the opportunity not to "freeze" funds in the crypto currency, but to ensure their permanent operation or simply use for any personal purposes.

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