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CCC8 CRYPTO FUND — www.ccc8.co


CCC8 Crypto Fund — ccc8.co

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CCC8 crypto currency fund provides clients with quick access of high security and transparency level to package investments at cryptocurrency market. Fund works for blockchain. All processes are automatic. Decentralized storage of assets, multi-signature, data encryption systems. Clients’ personal data are confidential. Deliberate and reasonable actions of fund managers. Advanced blockhain actives only. Fund is interested to encourage active partners (agents) for executed work connected with consulting and attraction of new investors, and makes 1% of the deposit made by them. Investment offerFund provides investor with a convenient and secure platform. Cooperating with us you obtain a ready investment package supported by professionals at once. Incomes of our investment plan make 1% per day of term for 365 days. Early deposit withdrawal is possible, deposit withdrawal plan - 45 days. Profit withdrawal - manual. Plan - 5 days. To register at ccc8.co, enter your personal account with your personal data that you indicated for registration. Go to Investing page and and recharge the credit. Deposit shall be in your personal account after 3 approvals (BTC). The first interests charge shall be in 24 hours after approval of the deposit. Now investments can be made in Bitcoin crypto currency only.

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